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Daunia is the northernmost part of Puglia, situated among the Tavoliere plain, the Gargano promontory and the Daunian Mountains.

This area is so different from what one would expect from Puglia, that it seems as if it’s not even part of the region. And yet, it’s one of its oldest and most authentic areas.

Daunia is home to the highest peak in Puglia, the 1151m-high Mount Cornacchia, and the smallest village, Celle San Vito.

Here you can lose yourself in the alleys of Bovino, listed as one of the most beautiful Italian villages, or take time to admire the cathedral of Troia and its rose window.

You can’t miss a stop at famous chef and farmer Beppe Zullo’s countryside resort and restaurant in Orsara di Puglia and a visit to the town of Lucera, with its huge Roman amphitheatre and its cathedral.

In Ascoli Satriano, the town’s Civic and Diocesan Museum houses one of the most amazing works of art ever discovered in Puglia, the Grifoni (Griffins), the decoration of a marble table support once part of a princely tomb dating back to 325-300 B.C.

Daunia is the unexpected side of Puglia, nestled in the mountains, unspoiled and authentic, a must-see destination.

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A bit of history
Lucera is home to one of the largest existing Roman amphitheatres, covering a 17 x 94 metre area
At the Daunia Avventura Park you can do trekking and climbing on sport climbing routes and trees
The typical cake
The <em>passionata</em>, a sponge cake with a creamy ricotta cheese filling and an almond paste coating, typical of the town of Troia
Places of worship
The village of Pietralcina is the birthplace of Padre Pio, and the Sanctuary of San Michele in Monte Sant'Angelo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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